Here's the video of the entire Town Hall

Video includes both panels, in their entirety. 

Sincere thanks to CAN TV for producing the live broadcast, YouTube videos and SoundCloud audio!

And here's the audio-only version.

Listen to the Town Hall in the car, the gym or around he house..

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If you have comments or questions about the Chicago Journalism Town Hall, please leave them here. We'd like to start a dialogue about the issues raised at the Town Hall. Get a conversation started here.


The Venue: Chicago's Allegro Hotel

Sunday, February 23, 2020

1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Event Details

Sunday, February 23, 2020

We'll be meeting in the historic Walnut Ballroom at the Allegro Hotel, 171 W. Randolph, in the heart of the Loop. 

1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

About CJTH2020

Everybody can view the town hall, LIVE

Everybody can view the town hall, LIVE

Everybody can view the town hall, LIVE

The entire Town Hall will be broadcast live on television at CAN TV27 in Chicago. 

It will also be streamed live at 

The full program will be available later on demand, also at 

And we're planning an audio version, too, for listening in your earbuds. Stay tuned.

Who we are

Everybody can view the town hall, LIVE

Everybody can view the town hall, LIVE

The conveners of this Town Hall are Ken Davis and Linda Paul, both with roots in 

 public radio here in Chicago. Long-time admirers of Chicago's journalism scene, back in 2009, they convened the first Chicago Journalism Town Hall.

Although some of the challenges are different today, they're no less threatening. With the potential purchase of a controlling interest in the Tribune by Alden Global Capital, the cessation of Hoy's publication and the printed version of the Defender, plus the shuttering of CLTV, it seems like an important time for another "family meeting."

Over the past decade we've seen the burgeoning of online publications featuring the work of independent and citizen journalists, with many new voices rising to prominence. And some legacy news shops are moving to, or considering, the not-for-profit model.

But one issue that's stayed the same since the last Town Hall -- how to pay the bills?

 Let the conversation begin.